Incredible close encounter with a video-recorded siren


The stories of sirens, are common and known by all. But the question we’ve ever asked ourselves is… are they real? In recent times, with the arrival of technology, it has been possible to collect a lot of evidence that can be found on the internet, these evidences are available to all and only a dose of curiosity is needed to find them. In ancient times, legends about mermaids were only counted or transmitted thanks to “word of mouth”, but with current technology, these experiences have been documented on several occasions.

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We must remember, that a siren is a being that lives in the sea, these legendary creatures have a “human” head with a fish tail. These creatures have been mentioned in several cultures of the planet, among them, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Science denies the possibility of the existence of sirens, there’s no verifiable evidence of its existence, but reports of sirens sightings are a reality that still exists today.

The next video was filmed on the “Great Barrier Reef”, where supposedly it was possible to capture an authentic mermaid video.