Humans are getting closer and closer to making a time travel


Since Einstein created the theory of space relativity, time travel has become an obsession for scientists around the world. The creation of a mathematical formula really applicable to reality. Many years have passed but, at last, someone has been able to create such a mathematical formula that would bring us closer and closer to time-space travel.

A mathematical formula tells us that it is possible to make a time travel.
“People think that time travel is unique to fiction, but what they don’t know is that it is mathematically possible.

With these words, Ben Trippett, mathematician and researcher at the University of British Columbia, announced to the world that he had been able to develop a mathematical model with which it is possible to make a time machine.

According to Trippett, the temporal direction of the space-time surface also shows some curvature, there are samples that ensure that the closer we are to a black hole, the slower time passes. According to the time machine model he devised, it would use the curved temporal space to bend time in one of the circles for the crew and not in a straight line. That circle would be the one that would move us through time.

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The theory is done, we just need to find the materials to build it and make a journey through time.
Trippett assures that the only logical reason used to refute time travel is that we have not done so, but it is mathematically viable. The only drawback to the construction of the machine is that the necessary materials have not been found to enable it to withstand the folding of space-time.

Ever since H.G. Wells wrote the book “The Time Machine”, the term has driven people crazy. Many crazy theories have come to light, some of which inspired science fiction lovers to write screenplays for box-office films that only fed more of what seems like more of a move than a mere possibility, yet this mathematical theory written by Ben Trippett seems to be the hope of all of us who dream of being able to travel through time. And you, do you think it’s possible?