Great Mystery Discovered On Mars The Red Planet!


The planet Mars is our neighbour, the closest planet to planet earth and the one that has been studied the most throughout history. This is why many theories have been born that harbor the red planet, among them are the possibility of harboring some unknown extraterrestrial race.

Giovanni Schiaparelli was one of the most influential in this theory, and one of the first to mention them, as the academic said he had discovered a kind of artificially made water conveyance gutter, but, despite the fact that in 2015 if some saltwater currents were found on the planet, the presence of extraterrestrial life within it, so far, is practically nil.

The mysteries of the planet Mars.
However, that does not mean that the myth or belief that alien life on Mars has existed or exists is still a controversial subject for specialists and ufologists and quite exploitable for the creators of fiction.

And the photos obtained by the robots sent to the red planet have only added to the mystery inside the Red Planet.

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The photos from the surface of Planet Mars.
The appearance of what oceans, valleys, deltas and certain minerals, in addition to the rocky formations that have been captured by photographs taken by the Mars missions have suggested that there are or were water currents within the surface.

This makes one believe that in the past, the Red Planet was warm, lively and possibly habitable. Obviously this theory contradicts certain climate models, because by then the Sun should be less hot.

However, another “sample” that could indicate that on the planet Mars there is, or there was life, is the existence of methane, a gas that needs life to be produced. In fact, the European space agency theorizes that this gas has been present on the planet for more than 300 years, when we were not yet so focused on the study.

As we can see, it is not unreasonable to think of the existence of an extraterrestrial life that the great red star has inhabited in the past and, if they were so close to us, they could have been studying us ever since, even now.