Google Maps Hides More Than We Imagine

google maps

Google Maps is that map application server created by Microsoft that has become so popular in the world that people prefer to look for it in the application before asking for an address. We’ve all been guided by Google Maps at one time or another, but this application also has a “dark” or disturbing side, as users have also witnessed horror movie locations.

Strange places captured on Google Maps.
Being a public application, billions of users use it every day, so much so that the platform itself has developed hidden games within the same application for users with lots of free time, have another form of entertainment to entertain themselves.

But as is normal in products used by millions of people, leisure many times beyond. Google Maps is no exception and within the application, its satellites have found different places, each one stranger than the last one.

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One of them is the case of the hidden pyramid within the Antarctic. Google maps users went crazy when they discovered it and many theories, including those of scientists and students of ancient civilizations, put forward their own, and even though Richard Waller, a geography professor, claims that this is a natural formation, the debate is still open and the theories are still gaining strength in the community.

The murder captured by Google Maps.
But without a doubt, the image captured by one of the satellites of the application that has caused the most controversy and that, to this day, still has no explanation beyond what seems obvious, is the photo taken in Holland, in the town of Almere in which you can see a body on the ground in a kind of dock and what looks like blood stains dragged along.

Many theories have circulated all over the network about what that might be, even the police have not given any explanation, even though they were immediately alerted, is there anything they didn’t want to tell us? No one knows, but in the meantime, theories are all we have.