Fun facts you didn’t know about the matrix that go unnoticed

Datos curiosos que no sabias de matrix que pasan inadvertidos

Matrix was one of those great films that marked a turning point in science fiction fans in the late 1990s, the work of the Wchowski brothers left behind a series of details that for most people go unnoticed.

Do they have some mysterious meaning or are they just coincidence?

Hidden elements of the Matrix that go unnoticed
There are eleven elements that give context to various situations in the film, and some are just mysteries or curiosities. Anyone can give the interpretation they want. The following is a list where we tell you about these hidden items so you can be free to search and analyze them.

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In the interrogation sequence, the folder containing Neo’s file if you stop to look at it has the number 1 on the top right-hand side in the corner, and for that part of the film it was not yet known if Neo was “the one”. (the chosen one would be written in English: the one).
An old television set manufactured by AWA, which is the largest manufacturer of electronic products in Austria. He appears the moment Morpheus talks to Neo about what the matrix is. And then almost at the end of the film, when they hang from the helicopter, they mysteriously pass by an AWA building. Subliminal advertising?
In front of the elevator they use to visit the oracle there is a mosaic and it is painted with graffiti with a reference to the children’s program Art Attack.
The newspaper that can be seen in the lobby sequence prior to Morfeo’s rescue reads the name of The City Defender. This newspaper has not existed anywhere in reality.
The book of the Wizard of Oz is referenced in a Cypher line when it says, “Tighten your belt, Dorothy, because Kansas will say goodbye to you” and then the name Oz is observed when a girl appears playing before seeing the oracle specifically in the cubes she plays with.
The matrix really isn’t what it looks like.
In the aforementioned cubes if you look at them well you will see a drawing of a helicopter, which seems to be a hidden message from the end of the film.
At the beginning of the film you will see two directories in Neo’s office. Mysteriously, the same directories appear on the oracle’s refrigerator.
At the end of the movie, a screen with matrix numbers will appear and the phrase “system failure” will appear above it. If you manage to pause the movie just before it appears, will you see the number 911 (United States Emergency Service) by any chance?
Another curious and mysterious fact is that Neo’s passport expires on September 11, 2011. Almost exactly the same as the date the twin towers in New York were destroyed on September 11, 2001.
The building where Morfeo is being held prisoner is owned by a company called Metacortex and is shaped like a spine. This appears to be a reference to the part of the brain called the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for managing consciousness. Thus the meaning of metacortex could be “beyond consciousness”.