Documented time travel in the world


The enigma of time travel theories is enormous. There are many doubts about the subject because according to reality it would be impossible for a human being to have the experience of time travel, if this is the pure truth, but with today’s physics and the advances that have been made in quantum theories, it can be explained how particles communicate with each other faster than the speed of light. Now, although it is true that the study of these theories is still without positive answers, there are people who claim to have lived a journey through time themselves, we are going to learn about some of their experiences.

Having a time travel experience is possible
A policeman who went out on a Saturday in July 1996 shopping with his wife to some shops located on Bold Street in Liverpool, United Kingdom, he went to buy a DVD and his wife left him in a bookstore called Dilons, when he was walking down the street he experienced a sensation of a peaceful stillness for a few moments and suddenly he saw an old truck coming by like from the 50’s was running and honking the horn almost knocked him over, he was in the middle of the street, he saw around him and he saw people wearing clothes from the 1940s and that when he went to look for his wife there was not the bookstore but a clothes shop called cripps, he investigated later and indeed that clothes shop had existed in that place in the 50s and with the same name.

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magnificent journey through time

The time scenery.
There are many cases of jumps in time, for example, of a woman who entered a baby clothes store and when she went to pay the bill she was told that they didn’t accept credit cards, she came home and her mother told her that the store hadn’t existed for more than 8 years.

The next day they went to the site and there was a bank, another case of a young man fleeing from the police for having robbed a store was running down an alley on Bold Street and it was seen that it was dead end and I wait there to be caught, after a few minutes looks out and looks at people and cars like the 40’s the scared boy turned himself in to the police and told what happened and his experience, the police said the boy had disappeared.

It is said that 9 more cases like these have happened on this street in Liverpool. Will this street be a portal to time? The most recent in 2011, whether we create or not we generally create are stories that fill us with curiosity and continue to investigate on time travel.