Do we live in a universe like the Matrix?

¿Vivimos en un universo como Matrix?

Scientists say that our universe is actually like the Matrix
The mystery about the origin of the entire universe has been maintained for many, many years, even more so when there are scientists who believe that the universe is in fact manipulated by beings superior to us who control us with machinery or with highly advanced technology. It is difficult to explain the methodology of a Matrix-like life, but this theory is not entirely far-fetched, for even experts have provided “evidence” involving the submission of the world and the control exercised by powerful people, the very subjects who, according to the conspirators, are not of this world.

One of the most famous hypotheses around the world is that we are actually living in a parallel universe in which unknown subjects are in control. Ghosts, apparitions and apparent ufological phenomena are actually failures of that great system and they make an appearance to warn us about the “slavery” and submission to which we are exposed daily. Experts are trying to confirm the suspicions, but they already have an idea of who is running this great Matrix at will: the world’s most powerful families.

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The matrix is controlled by the most powerful families in the universe.
The Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Bush, Morgan, and DuPont are just some of the big families that would possibly be involved in the management of humanity, but if we remember all the theories that refer to these powerful people, we can understand that in reality they, as descendants of extraterrestrial beings, follow the orders of their superiors to run us down by increasing the economic disaster in various territories of the world and leaving the least wealthy without options.

Teleportations and time travel can be the proof that we live in a computer simulated universe, in fact, there are a lot of reports of simulations all over the world, from people who appear out of nowhere wearing the same clothes to strange lights that form portals from one dimension to another.