Did the soldier Gil Perez teleport in the sixteenth century?


Teleportation is one of the main challenges of modern physics, since it consists of moving from one place to another in an instant, regardless of the distance, i.e. it would only be a matter of disappearing from the place where you are to appear in the place where you want to go in less than a second, which would be really great. But the question before all this is, can teleportation be real? The following story seems to show that sooner than you can imagine this can become the most frequent way to travel.


Historical precedents of teleportation

In the collective imagination the idea of teleportation is a fantasy, a product of comics and sci-fi films, while others admit that it could be a reality but in a very distant future perhaps within 500 or 1000 years. What many apparently don’t know is that there are already several testimonies, demonstrating that teleportation is a reality for a long time.

In Mexico’s official historical records there’s a curious account dating back to 1593, which describes how in the middle of the night suddenly a soldier appeared out of nowhere, with remarkable signs of stunning, in the main square of Mexico City, which was guarded by local sentinels.

The appeared soldier was completely different from the local sentinels, from their racial features, their clothing and the language in which they were expressed. The man was detained by the city authorities for questioning the next day, after many inquiries they could determine that he was a native of Spain and guard of the Palace of the Governor of Manila in the Philippines, posed no threat.

A few weeks later with the help of a translator they were able to obtain the full testimony of the Filipino soldier, he indicated that he didn’t understand what had happened. He only recounted that he was late that afternoon to finish his guard at the entrance of the government palace of Manila, when suddenly he felt an indescribable force that attracted him, causing him a huge stun, and then appeared in the main square of Mexico in the middle of the night.

In principle, the authorities couldn’t believe the statement of the Filipino soldier, but when comparing his testimony with that offered by the rest of the Mexican soldiers, who were on guard at the main square on the night of events, unable to understand what had happened, they had registered it as it happened and proceeded to deport the Filipino soldier to his country of origin.

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How could teleportation work?

As well as the above case there are many testimonies and evidences of all kinds, which can be disseminated in the network, and are also being collected by a leading team of researchers, ready to understand these experiences, to perfect this transport means and show it to the world as a real alternative in a very short time.

This team of scientists is moving with great caution, so that the elitist mafias don’t close the step to their investigation, until now only it’s known that they constitute a multidisciplinary team, originating from different countries of Eastern Europe and some Asians, as they’ve hinted at some progress, such as the possible explanation of the experience of the Filipino soldier, but haven’t revealed his identity.

These researchers know what they’re facing, so they’ve decided not to cause so much chaos while their work is in process, but only when they exhibit to the world the definitive results of their project through the valuable contribution of an alternative transport means, highly efficient, economical and without damage to the environment, so that from now the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences should be preparing a Nobel Prize.

These researchers have hinted that the experience of the Filipino soldier could’ve been a remote teleportation, which could be done by some scientist who was testing the effectiveness of his transporter laser, turning it without his knowledge, in his experimental individual.

The team explains that this type of transverse lasers should be pointed at the abdomen of the person to be teleported, since there’s the individual’s gravity center, and work by the power they have to disintegrate the physical being of the millions of particles being, and then rebuild it in another distant place, from its genetic material.

Fortunately for the Filipino soldier his physical integrity was rebuilt in a safe place and on land, because he may have appeared anywhere on the planet, in an inhospitable place or in the middle of the sea, since it’s evident that whoever aimed at him from a distance with the laser transporter he or she didn’t have complete control of the artifact, that’s why he chose someone at random and didn’t use it in himself.

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