Did CERN bring tunnels in time and portals to another dimension?

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There are many conspiracy theorists who claim that the great CERN Hedgehog Collider (LHC) located in Switzerland caused a strange anomalous event and that it generated a “time tunnel.”

It’s speculated that the resonance emitted by the CERN created all over the planet anomalies in the time, having even caused that the trajectory of an airplane in flight was transported of a location to another to thousands of kilometers in an instant.

This strange event would have been triggered by a series of great scientific experiments, which caused something totally unexpected for scientists “a time tunnel” or “gravitational waves,” the scientists quickly tried to stop the LHC and tried to cover up the reason why the Collider was unscheduled

The most shocking thing was the teleportation on the Air Comet Airbus A330-300 flight, which was ready to begin its descent to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, but unexpectedly found itself “instantly and mysteriously” in the skies of Santa Cruz, Spain, more than 8,900 Km. away from its original location.

The scientists alleged that they had to stop the machine because a bird had dropped a piece of bread in an outdoor area of ​​the facility. Despite the obviously desperate efforts to cover up the incident and keep the truth hidden from the public.

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Linked to this incident there’s a strange report published by the Kremlin where they affirm that the massive blackout that affected all of South America in January of the year 2010, was caused by a “Temporal Wave” that emanated of the mystical region of the Andes in Bolivia called Tiahuanaco, there’s the strange monolith “La Puerta del Sol” of about 10 tons (carved in a block of Andesite granite).

This large blackout would have been “triggered” by the world’s largest “anomalous event” and Switzerland’s largest and only particle accelerator, the phenomenon would have been traversed by thousands of millennial pyramids located throughout Brazil and other South American countries.

This fact that the LHC had accidentally opened a time portal and managed to transport an airplane thousands of kilometers from its course in just an instant, managed to cause so much enthusiasm among the scientists of CERN that the director of Research and Scientific Computation in the CERN failed to resist the announcement of the “great advance” triumphantly.

He said shortly after the incident that scientists might have encountered a previously unknown natural phenomenon that could be a “new dimension.”