Creepy extraterrestrial abduction. Travis Walton Case


Travis Walton was the seventh of a group of woodcutters. The day had passed smoothly, beyond the day-to-day of work, but at the end of the day, as they returned by a rural road to their homes, they were surprised by a strange red light that appeared from the trees. Minutes after leaving the curve, they were surprised face to face, with a strange and elongated object with metallic appearance and an intense golden color. The apparatus was located at the top of a treetop and had, in addition to something similar to windows, a kind of dome in its upper part.

Six of these lumberjacks were astonished and panicked, they stayed in the vehicle, but Travis Walton, nervous and intrigued, ran quickly from the back of the van and approached the object slightly, ignoring the warnings that his companions did to him.

Later, Travis, when he was underneath the device stopped and at the moment, a blue ray came out of it, which “impacted” the chest causing it to fall, where it lay and lost consciousness.

Thinking that the strange light had killed Mr. Walton, his friends, fled to report the incident to the police.

The events occurred were reported as they had happened, the version denounced by the woodcutters, was no more than interpreted as a police act of disappearance and not as a phenomenon of unexplained characteristics.

Victim of guilt, one of the six woodcutters, is not known exactly who, returned to the place of the facts, to try to offer aid to his wounded friend, but, his surprise was extraordinary, to verify that they had disappeared so much, the elongated object, like woodcutter Travis Walton.

Lumberjacks were charged legally and socially across the country, under suspicion of being responsible for devising a false abduction story, in order to conceal a crime, all were charged with murder. The lie detector tests carried out at the public security offices were successful and could not be proven that they were laying.

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After 5 days, one of the involved, received a call from a public telephone, on the other side of the handset, the caller claimed to be Travis Walton. With the six companions together, they went to the place where Travis said he was, and there they found him, inside the phone booth, semi-conscious, naked and in a pitiful physical and psychic state.

Mr. Travis Walton agreed to perform hypnotic regression sessions, thanks to which he was able to recall much of what happened.

He remembered being abducted on an alien ship. He said that there were very small creatures and thin figures inside, with a large oval head and huge eyes.

He also reported that in the interior of the ship was the victim of numerous experiments and strange biological examinations of all kinds. He also said that he had been transferred, in a sort of space travel, to another place where he made contact with other beings, whose appearance was very similar to the human.

The case of Travis Walton, has become one of the most famous and documented cases of abductions, in the world ufological history.