Can you travel through time?

¿Se puede viajar a través del tiempo?

It’s possible to travel through time in wormholes
Time travel is one of the most controversial issues that has been raised in the world for many years and it is no wonder, after all, that many people have claimed to have travelled to the past or the future by unknown methods. There are many theories related to these trips and some scientists have managed to conduct some studies to prove or discard the belief that they can be carried out.

Einstein was one of the experts in supporting the idea that both black holes and wormholes can be the protagonists of time travel, only a special mathematical formula was needed. For experts, black holes are gravitational monsters that trap whatever object is around them and once they enter, they can’t get out, it’s as if a parallel world is formed in which time changes.

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Wormholes are portals for time travel.
Unlike black holes, wormholes have two ends, in this sense, it is quite likely that you can enter and exit them naturally, now, wormholes are especially small, perhaps the size of a doughnut circle. Its gravitational waves stop for a short period of time, and this is when the sudden advance or slowing of time occurs.

It is not yet known exactly how to enter wormholes due to the complexity of their shape, however, it is very clear that with the right coordinates, you can travel to the past or the future. This theory fully supports all reported cases of time travel since the last century and increases the chances that other scientists will be interested in these trips. If this were to happen, the prophecies of the travelers in time would be fulfilled and would prove that all their claims were true.