Bold Street the secret of time travel hidden in England

Bold Street el secreto de los viajes en el tiempo oculto en inglaterra

Hearing things related to conspiracy, black holes and parapsychology automatically makes us think of science fiction, movies and comics, doesn’t it? That’s because we’ve never heard a scientist seriously debate the subject, and that’s because we’d be surprised at the data and statements that exist today about things that, a few years ago, could only be part of fiction, something like time travel, are now being discussed more and more seriously on a daily basis…

It has always been said that science fiction has a basis, as its very name says, scientific, so it is not surprising that these phenomena are actually studied. One specific issue is causing a stir all over the planet, is it possible to travel back in time? Bold Street seems to have the answer. There are theories, in fact, the closest to the theory of everything (string theory) could give us an explanation of how to do it and in England, there seems to be proof that string theory is feasible. Bold Street could be a portal in time.

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Time travel on Bold Street Avenue.
The “Echo” newspaper of the city of Liverpool published an article about a thief who jumped in time in 2006. According to the newspaper, the thief, fleeing from the police, turned to enter Bold Street and turned to see if his pursuer was still on his tail, not only did he notice that he was no longer there, but also that he seemed to be in another city, because the people were dressed strangely and the cars were very old. When he looked at the date in the period of a newsstand he read 1967. He got scared and fled, and when he left the street, everything was back to normal.

It looks like an urban story. A legend created to capture followers. But it’s not the only anecdote.

Tim Swartz related in his article “In the limit of time” how in 1996, when he left the Waterstones bookstore on Bold Street, he noticed how everything around him was different; shops, the way people dressed, cars. Strangely, he turned in on himself and went back to the bookstore, finding himself in a clothing store called Cardin.  He went out again and everything was normal and his wife came out just after the bookstore.

Swartz, on his way home, looked for the name of the store, discovering that the same store had existed in the same place, but in the 1950s.

The ability to jump and time travel.
Many scientists have dedicated their lives to studying the possibility of time travel and the only drawback is that it has not been possible to establish a theory of the whole that can unify quantum theory and the theory of relativity.