Before dying, man leaves video of Area 51 as evidence of extraterrestrials


Definitely one of the ideals of a purposeful life is to provide a contribution worthy of being taken into account by the following generations, and we’re not talking about goods or fortunes, but rather elements that increase our knowledge and enrich the accumulated wisdom of our species, such as the extraordinary legacy of a noted scientist, Boyd Bushman, who during his lifetime worked incognito for the United States government, highlighted in the secretive Area 51, and before leaving he left a valuable video where he testifies his participation in American investigations, destined to experiment with ships and extraterrestrial beings.

The talented researcher of the aerospace association Lockheed Martin testifies through an audiovisual presentation that in the secret station known as Area 51, all kinds of experiments are carried out with UFOs that have been seized by the U.S. Army. In this sense, he added that in the United States there are experts who serve for full-time NASA, dedicated to the exploration of the alien world.

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The aliens are real and they walk between us

The courageous presenter indicates that the aliens are absolutely real and are among us, although they’re not always noticed by the general public for various reasons. It’s worth noting that they’re not all-powerful individuals, perfect or immortal, but they possess an intelligence and technology far superior to ours, which allows them to be invisible to the human eye or take different forms of common people or animals to go unnoticed among the rest of the population.

In the video demonstrates with photographic evidence that the aliens live on this planet with their own lifestyle, some are usually friendlier than others, but none of those who inhabit our world cause any harm to humanity. A great many of them are fleeing from other latitudes of the universe by wars or apocalyptic episodes that have wiped out their world, as it can happen on Earth at any moment.

For these reasons they accept the conditions of the power elites and remain low-profile to the masses, contributing in their discreet way and method to make our planet a better place to live.

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