Awesome! Anunnaki signal in Australia?


Traces of ancient civilizations have been found in almost every region of the world, they were formed by Anunnakis or received a notable influence from this race of extraterrestrials, which after its passage through the Earth continued its course towards different locations of space, but which in one way or another they’ve always had some contact with the human species, and proof of this are the constant signals, messages and warnings of alien origin that have been found in recent years, such as this incredible Anunnaki geoglyph discovered in Australia.

Current relationship of the Anunnaki with humanity

The position or opinion of the Anunnakis continues to be decisive in many things that happen on our planet, it is especially taken into account by the world’s top dignitaries, who in the end fear to go against the will of this race of demigods, who just before their departure promised to return to pay each according to his work in what is known as the final judgment.

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Consequently, the discovery of this incredible geoglyph in Australia’s dry and barren sands has become a persistent concern for the ruling elite, because according to the various reports emerging from the investigations carried out by the principal intelligence agencies of the World, definitely this huge figure known as “Marree Man” encloses a hidden message that they haven’t been able to decipher.

The figure in question consists of an aboriginal man who’s hunting a bird or kangaroo, is such an image that can even be seen from outer space. But what is most disturbing about this geoglyph is that unlike others discovered all over the world, built by ancestral civilizations, this was done only 16 years ago since its discovery in 1998.

It should be noted that no witnesses or traces of the elaboration process or of its authors have yet been found. So it seems that this is an Anunnaki signal left in Australia, with the purpose of announcing the soon return of this alien race to Earth.

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