Astronomy helped ancient civilizations build the pyramids of Egypt


Astronomy and its connection with the pyramids of Egypt
Since the last century, many astronomers and scientists in general have wondered how ancient civilizations built the most impressive buildings in the world, including the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge, but then there is the mystery of how each of these buildings was used and the energies that remain today. Experts have conducted many studies to determine the true origin of these pyramids but so far, there is nothing certain.

Egyptian legends say that the pyramids of Egypt were built to serve as the resting place of Pharaoh’s body, however, there is much more behind this fact, for it was in these buildings that mummification ceremonies were performed in which the body was preserved and the soul immortalised, so that Pharaoh or the important people of ancient Egypt could live forever in the world of the dead.

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The alignment of the pyramids of Egypt with respect to astronomy
For scientists it is really impossible that a civilization without technology and machinery could align the pyramids of Egypt as much as those of Stonehenge with the stars of the sky. History tells that these people were great observers of the sky and thanks to this quality, they were able to perfectly align all their buildings, and this aspect also made a very strong energy concentrated in the vicinity of the construction and could perform their rituals.

Some people say that extraterrestrials had a lot to do with the uprising of these ancient wonders and it may make sense, however, until it can be proven otherwise, ancient civilizations were extremely intelligent and observant people and thanks to their knowledge, we can have those pyramids today. The studies have not ceased and the experts will not rest until they know the truth behind these immense and wonderful buildings.