“Artificial intelligence may replace humanity” Predictions

the possibility that they will replace humanity, predictions of the physical scientist Stephen Hawking sustain it and even have

It is inevitable not to feel fear when we think for a moment that the machines will be able to have artificial intelligence and that they will be able to think for themselves and that they will be superior to humans until the possibility that they will replace humanity, predictions of the physical scientist Stephen Hawking sustains it and he has even manifested and qualified artificial intelligence as the worst mistake that men are going to make and that perhaps it will be the last because this experiment will succeed in replacing humanity.

In the future, the human will not be competent to measure himself against specialized artificial intelligence systems.
According to the opinion of several computer scientists and physicists including Stephen Hawking who leaves an open letter calling for the constant supervision of experimentation with artificial intelligence and requesting assurances that it will work in the best interests of the human race. According to his words, together with the opinions of different scientists, in the future there will be no limits to what can be achieved and obtained with respect to artificial intelligence, no one will be able to prevent the particles of an intelligent system from reordering themselves and making more complex calculations than those that could be made by a human being.

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to replace humanity

It is inevitable that an AI system can improve the design with which it was created on its own.
It is very possible and not at all difficult that an AI system design at any time can act alone and improve its structure, let us think of a technology that would dominate the world’s financial markets beyond the design of its creators, or that would build weapons that we could not understand how they work, let alone master them. Although this still does not happen, we must take the necessary precautions with respect to artificial intelligence, this is not being done, it is focusing more on the study of its progress and none on prevention, we do not doubt that AI could be the best discovery for the advancement of humanity but we can not leave behind the possibility that it may also be the worst mistake.