Are there really doors to hell on earth?


In different places on earth, there are strange and deep holes that seem to have no bottom, no one really managed to explain how these huge openings were formed on our planet. The first formidable opening was found in northern Siberia. The hole, which was found by shepherds, was about 260 feet wide (80 meters) wide. From the year 1980 a very unusual anomaly began to occur in certain Russian mountains. The people were with strange and very deep openings.

Mankind is thought to have modified more than 50 percent of the earth’s surface, and these alterations are readily apparent, ice sheets are dissolving, forests are being compressed, and species are becoming extinct.

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Nuclear tests inside the earth have also left evidence; according to many scientists it’s very frequent that the tests of nuclear weapons provoke great amounts of underground rocks sink.

The following hypothesis, no less controversial, follows that these strange holes might be suggesting that the hollow earth is real, the holes would represent supposed “gates” or entrances to an underground world inhabited by “inter-terrestrial” beings. Many claim that the popular extraterrestrial race known as “reptilians” would be the inhabitants of the interior of the earth, directing and ruling from there to humanity.