Ancient cultures could ensure that we live in a non-reality (Matrix).

When we talk about the Matrix, we are reminded of the famous science fiction film, or novels with similar themes, the illusion...

When we talk about the Matrix, the famous science fiction film or novels with similar themes come to mind. But talking about it in real life seems a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? However, there are religions that suggest that the world and life are nothing but an illusion. Gnosticism, Buddhism, idealism. Cultures that propose that our world is nothing more than a demiurge that generates everything around us. An illusion.

Cultures and religions suggest that our universe is an illusion, will we really live in something like the Matrix?
Previously, a dream metaphor was used in a fundamental way to describe the existence of an unreality in which we participate without knowing it. Today, the metaphor has been modified with the advance of technology, giving way to computer and computer simulation. Accept the illusion, like recognizing that the person dreams in a state of lucidity. The consciousness that is seen as an illusion itself and that recognizes the universe as a mirage.

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Following this line of thought, it is feasible to imagine that individuals who are capable of perceiving the illusion of the universe could be part of some conspiracy. One that maintains an illusion in a universal way.

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Chosen by the Matrix?
The theory says that these people could be considered as a kind of chosen by illusion. Those who might be able to participate in the programming of the universe, projecting images of the world they desire.

Buddhism holds, through its own, that the reality of the non-reality is the reality of them. Everything is empty and they are only a mental construction of what we perceive. According to Buddhism, to be able to perceive this reality is the equivalent of awakening from eternal sleep.

A scientific disclosure made by Cornell University, claimed to have a theory where one could glimpse the non-existence of the universe, based on the results of the Planck Mission, which shows that all the parameters that describe the Universe can be constructed from a set of known numbers.