Alien message? Strange spirals found in South Africa thanks to Google Maps

¿Mensaje extraterrestre? Hallan extraños espirales en Sudáfrica gracias a Google Maps

Mysterious spirals can be seen with the help of Google Maps. Possible alien messages?
In recent times the Internet has become a gateway to knowledge and a window to the world. This statement was demonstrated when an archaeology enthusiast discovered some mysterious spirals in South Africa, which are captured in the soil of the South African desert. It is as if something or someone has dedicated themselves to creating it with a goal that we do not know about until now.

The finding was made 5 years ago when the satellite images of the region were from 2006. Currently Google Maps has a 2015 archive where you can see the shapes. Therefore, the discovery has been in existence for more than a decade and can still be observed today. These shapes are characterized by being spirals, each of which has a diameter of approximately 40 meters, along with a group of smaller spirals of about 10 meters.

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Despite the fact that these mysterious spirals have been discovered for some time now, the fact that South African officials have not issued any opinion on the enigmatic fact is striking. This results in a series of speculations by people who want to know some answers. With regard to the case, South African researcher Michael Tellinger has proposed the theory by stating that it is the ruins of an ancient city in the Kalahari Empire.

What are these mysterious spirals that Google Maps displays from its satellite images?
Those who wish to know more about these mysterious spirals should only place the following coordinates in the search box -30.006010, 21.106024. There you can see in detail the extent of these figures and the considerable number of them. If you look carefully you will see that there are more spirals than you think.

At this point many comment that this is a kind of “new Nazca lines” and a great archaeological discovery, and others of an extraterrestrial landing site. Parallel to this, the competent authorities remain silent about the mysterious spirals.

I invite you to explore the place and share your theories. Who knows? Who knows? Maybe they’ll make an extraordinary discovery.