1 universe and multiple universes? an unknown of humanity!

¿1 universo y múltiples universos? una incógnita de la humanidad!

The universe could be considered, by itself, the greatest enigma that exists for the human race. Such an immense space that we will not be able to access it for thousands of years, perhaps, and that is in the hope that one day we will be able to explore it.

However, when we talk about exploring the universe, we are talking about our own, which we can see. What if there are multiple universes? There is no real scientific proof that there really are several universes, but theories do exist and some show evidence which could prove that our temporal space is not the only one developing in parallel.

Are there multiple universes apart from our universe?
It is now much easier for scientists to put together a theory related to a possible multi universe based on the fact that there are many universes that are created and destroyed all the time and, obviously, there are those that survive and evolve independently and differently from the rest.

various universes

In this way, our universe would become one of those many that survived a universal destruction and has been growing and developing in parallel with others.

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However, it is still very difficult to construct a theory that is based on the creation of another specific universe, that all the characteristics that this entails, similar to ours. In short, science has not yet been able to create a theory capable of recreating a single complete universe.

Is one universe or several different ones really impossible?
It’s not known. The biggest problem that science faces in recreating a universe other than our own is an obstacle that has stopped them from moving forward in the field, is the formation of a theory of everything that manages to unify quantum theory with the theory of relativity or, failing that, to create a quantum theory of gravity.

There are many specialists, scientists and users of the entire Internet who do not rule out the possibility that, in the future, the possibility of demonstrating that we coexist alongside multiple other universes will become a reality in the future and, we are 100% sure, that the next step will be to be able to move from one to the other.