The theory of the journey through time that many are unaware of


The journey through time has become one of the greatest enigmas that has accompanied humanity through the centuries. It is said that there are artifacts capable of taking us to other times and there are those who claim that there are portals capable of making it happen.

Time travel is possible thanks to Einstein’s theory
Tyler’s Cylinder, a hypothetical idea developed in 1974 by the American scientist Frank Jennings Tyler, what is this device used for? It is assumed that the function could be used for time travel and would reach a speed very similar to that of light, which would create an effect that would bring the past to all who use it. The design is a long cylinder.

Travelling at the speed of light is another journey through time within the world’s most famous theories, it was developed by Albert Einstein and includes ideas about spatial relativity that ensure that time advances slower, depending on the speed one would seek to reach the speed of light.

To surpass the speed of light, this theory would serve to travel to the past, using a speed superior to that of light, for this purpose it would be necessary to count on a very complex system that supports this very high speed, some researchers affirm that something happens in the hadron accelerator.

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Another of the theories of time travel is the wormholes, created by Einstein, this type of holes acts as a bridge between space and time connecting with two points that would allow sending some kind of message to the past using the pulse of light.

The doughnut-shaped vacuum according to scientists indicates that space can be blamed for creating a gravitational field that traps time and space within it. This phenomenon is shaped like a doughnut and we could make a machine that would allow us to go into the future through it.

The cosmic strings of this theory support the possibility of creating thin ducts made of energy which would extend throughout the universe to distort the space and time around it.

Another theory of time travel is the tunnel effect that supports quantum mechanics and ensures that if you have a small particle with electricity in its contents it can jump into space and you can transport us into the past.

Parallel universes this theory is based on time travel creating energetic portals to parallel universes that converge with each other because according to several scientists there would exist several universes that could allow us to alter the course of past and future events.

So is time travel possible?
Although it seems impossible, with the physics currently in use, this topic is constantly changing. Scientists use these quantum theories to provide easy understanding to overcome the paradoxes of these journeys.