Sumerian, your civilization is a secret history. Are you really from another planet?

To talk about Sumerian civilization we should start with its name, it is not really known because the Akkadian Semites

To speak of the Sumerian civilization we should start with its name, in fact it is unknown because the Akkadian Semites who were its successors historically gave them that name, the Akkadians called that land discovered Shumeru, but according to research by the Babylonian historian Beroso these people were called sag-giga which translated means “the people of the black heads” for this historian the Sumerians were “foreigners with black heads” meaning that they came from another place that is unknown.

The Sumerian civilization is a secret, in fact its history is unknown.
According to the findings of this civilization it is said that they ruled at an approximate time from 5000 to 2000 B.C.E. although recent research has yielded surprising dating results of approximately 12000 B.C.E. evidence that asserts this hypothesis, are the remains of skeletons found in excavations in 1960 dating from 8,000 to 12,000 years B.C.E., the most striking thing about this discovery was that the skeletons were radioactive.

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Of their abilities everything indicates that they were the first to create and design writing, they excelled in astronomy, they had the ability to observe the sky and give interpretation to many of the constellations we know today, they built huge buildings as temples comparable to the other more modern civilizations in places where there was neither stone nor metal.

Sumerian, your civilization is a secret history. Are you really from another planet?

The historical theory that Sumerians came from another planet
To all these surprising feats arises the restlessness from where they obtained all this knowledge in astrology and mathematical calculations it could be said that impossible for that time, they defined the movement of the planets, the stars even predicted facts that would happen in years or rather centuries later.

Scholars of ancient Mesopotamia claim that there are copies of a unique manuscript called the Sumerian King list, which tells the full story of how the earth was ruled by eight mysterious kings in a time of 241,000 years. The text states that these kings descended from heaven, telling a story that is hard to believe.

From these discoveries many questions have arisen, such as, for example, is it possible that before modern history we were ruled by 8 kings from another world who came to earth from a faraway place in the universe?