Theories claim that the origin of the horoscope comes from aliens


The horoscope is a way of making non-demonstrable predictions based on the positioning of the stars at the time of the person’s birth. The word originates from the Greek “ὥρα” (time, hour), and “σκοπέω” (skopeo, to examine).

There is no scientific evidence or experiment to give credibility and support to the predictions that are made as a result of this practice.

Many people argue that the accuracy of horoscope predictions is increased by the natural need of individuals to look for patterns of behaviour. These patterns make it easier for people to establish matches and rule out inconsistencies.

Several civilizations have used similar ways of making predictions taking into account the use of their almanacs and relating them to the stars a clear example of this is the Mayan civilization.

The horoscope a myth or legend
A writing by Max Scholten gives us an interesting idea that clarifies an ancient question “the mystery of the zodiac”.

The zodiac for scholars of the paranormal and the occult, is the path that the sun follows through the “vault star” as the sun could not be seen in its path among other planets was established the idea that the zodiac was drawn the layout that follows the moon that for the creators of the zodiac followed the same layout as the sun.

Many people assumed that the zodiac was divided into 28 parts, the Siamese, Indians, Persians, Arabs, Chinese and some other civilizations accepted only 27. The Chaldeans since ancient times divided the zodiac into 12 parts and that division is the one we assume today.

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The origin of the horoscope comes from extraterrestrials.
Without a doubt the origin of the zodiac is one of the greatest mysteries of the occult, and in its ideas it takes greater force from the fact that its origin comes from knowledge and teachings received by the gods (extraterrestrial beings), who in ancient times traveled to earth and managed to transmit to humans that in comparison to them we are a primitive civilization the knowledge that in our limited cognitive capacity we were able to process in that initial stage of humanity as a society.

Before the horoscope acquired the importance attributed to it by the Greco-Latin civilization, it was discovered that in Babylon when it belonged to the Persian Empire, what is known today as horoscopic astronomy was born. There is also information related to astronomical studies carried out in ancient times.

Carved drawings of mammoth ivory were found showing the different moles dating from 25,000 to 10,000 years B.C.
There are records that the Sumerians began their zodiac studies in 6000 BC.
The predictions made by Sargon the Elder date back to 3000 BC.
Shum the Chinese emperor, offered a sacrifice to the seven planets better known as the seven rectors in 1800 BC.
Stonehenge the famous megaliths of England is a structure whose construction dates back to 1800 BC.
Since the 14th century BC the gods of the Sumerian civilization are: Ishtar (from Venus), Shamash (from the Sun), Sin (from the Moon)