The myth of Camazotz, the bat god


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Literature has given us great characters, Frankenstein, Cthulhu, Lycanthropes and Dracula, the latter is the one that occupies us, since in Mexican mythology there is a type of Bat God, a kind of vampire that according to historians is about a being very similar to Mothman, the man moth that has appeared several times in the United States.

Camazotz or Camazot is a character of Mesoamerican mythology. Considered as the Bat God of the Aztecs and Mayas, besides being a master of the mysteries of life and death he also symbolized night, death and sacrifice.

This god has power to cure any disease, but also has the power to cut the cord of life that unites the body to the soul according to the indigenous of the regions of Mexico. Although there are specialists who think that it was an evil god who transmitted the disease of rabies.


The bat is also considered an emblem of death, it was linked with fertility and sexuality, as a passage from the Codex Magliabechiano says that Quetzalcoatl sent to be winged to bite into the vulva of the goddess Xochiquétzal, and that it arose flowers that don’t smell good.

This passage leads us to associate it with menstruation. In other words, the bat is in charge of granting the woman the gift of procreation, very important in the pre-Hispanic culture.


Just as a curious fact, the species of bat that’s associated with fertility and sexuality is that of the nectivore, the bat that feeds on nectar and pollen on flowers.

No doubt the history of the vampires has crossed borders and proof of this is the myth of the pre-Hispanic vampire better known as Camazotz.