Incredible UFOs in paintings!


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Paintings have always been a very powerful method to represent reality, a reality that our ancestors knew and because of the lack of means to illustrate what they saw or those events that occurred at that time, they had no choice but to paint.

Paintings that during their time did not have the attention or the interpretation that they have nowadays with the specialists and investigators that assure UFOs illustrated them.

Most of these paintings date from the fifteenth century and are found in very important art galleries throughout Europe, it should be noted that the theme of that time focused on the religious taking as the main reference to Jesus of Nazareth, a Mythical figure in the catholic religion of the whole world.


Other paintings that are not from the fifteenth century are deeply disturbing because the illustrations were found in books that kept the memories of that time, a clear example can be found in the painting of “Two Crusaders” that are from a century manuscript XII, “Annales Laurissenses” almost historical books of religious events of the time, in them can refer to a UFO that is seen in the year 776, during the site to the castle of Sigiburg, France.

There, The Saxons, surrounded and besieged the French population. Both were struggling when suddenly a group of records appeared to be hanging in the air above the church. It seemed to the Saxons that the French were protected by these objects and withdrew.


Today we’re going to see some of the paintings that personally have caught my attention, so the author wanted to paint and describe, in the end the interpretation is merely personal.

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