FIND OUT: 5 historical characters that believed in UFOs!


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For years, diverse public figures among Western artists, leaders, singers, actors, and historical figures have believed that we’re not alone in the universe that a superior intelligence to ours has been closer to us that than we can imagine.

And to think that we are the only beings in this universe so gross seems almost crazy, we would have to be so egocentric and prejudiced to accept that, at least in our galaxy, the Milky Way, only we can inhabit it.

For a long time it has been mentioned that principally the leaders of powerful countries are the ones that have the most contact with beings that are not of this world, for example we have Germany, the United States, Japan to mention some of the powers that currently rule the world and have it divided.

Since ancient times it is well known that historical figures such as the legendary strategist, Alexander the Great, while invading Persia, had to cross a river to the east of his empire and on which suddenly appeared two flying objects with the appearance of silver shields expelling fire by its sides, which frightened so much their soldiers that they refused to cross the river, according to legend.


At that time the concept of UFO did not exist, reason why the men had to believe that it was the appearance of a God.


All this is recounted in the descriptions of that time.

Characters such as John Lennon the former Beatle, former US president, Ronald Reagan or Christopher Columbus who discovered America in 1492 are just a few of the ones we will talk about on this list.

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