Characters (Joseph Allen Hynek): If you don’t know him, you don’t know anything about ufology


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Joseph Allen Hynek

Born on May 1, 1910, he was an American astronomer, professor and ufologist.

He’s remembered for his important research on UFO.

Dr. Hynek participated as a scientific advisor in three ufological studies Project Blue Book (1952-1969), the Sign Project and finally the Grunge Project. Subsequently, for decades he devoted himself to continuing UFO research on his own for not agreeing with the government to continue to hide information about the UFO phenomenon that was once a “Boom!” for public opinion of the United States and journalists of the time.

In the first instance, the government had contacted him to deny the constant reports that had echoed so close to the Wright-Patterson air base in Ohio, and one of his most recognized theories was that the cause of the people in that place Luminous objects was due to the gases from the marshes that were nearby.

The scientific community at that time was well served but there were certain doubts, which over time were increased by what Allen Hynek had to give up and clarify everything that had happened beginning to make the first SCIENTIFIC ufological studies of history.


When he decided to start doing these studies, the first of the time by the way, had to start from scratch and with this I mean that only with the reports of people began tying loose ends and hence his most brilliant theory on TYPES OF CONTACT.

He divided it into 3 basic types:


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  1. Close encounter of the first type: Involves the sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects in the sky
  2. Encounter of the second type: It corresponds to the observation of a UFO, together with physical evidence of its landing or, failing that, of physical effects on a surface
  3. Close encounter of the third type: It is the observation of a UFO next to biological entities, originally called beings animated by Hynek. He purposely chose this relatively vague term, avoiding alternative terms such as “aliens” or “extraterrestrials” and thus not giving any unsupported personal opinion about the origin or nature of those beings.

His death under many mysteries occurred on April 27, 1986 in a hospital in Arizona, United States at age 75.

For reasons unknown, he had entered a certain hospital in the area and was operated involuntarily by factors that didn’t contribute to a cure of the disease that he suffered years ago, cancer.


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