NASA found an asteroid that could destroy EARTH!


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The asteroid of the name Bennu happens once every six years by the orbit of the earth and its distance becomes increasingly narrow since it was discovered in the year 1999. Physicists speculate that in the year 2135, Bennu passed between the moon and earth, on spatial scale represents the thickness of a hair.

Scientists fear that Earth’s gravity will affect Bennu’s orbit, putting it in direct collision course with Earth. Said by Dante Lauretta, professor of planetary sciences at the University of Arizona. If the worst scenario became reality in about 40 years, to be more exact between 2175 and 2196, a great impact could be made against the Earth.



Bennu is about 487 meters in diameter and travels around the Sun at an average speed of 101,000 km per hour. The probability of a real impact is small but significant, and if it does, it would be equivalent to the explosion of three billion tons of explosives, 200 times the force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. “Bennu is at the size limit, for an object capable of causing a global catastrophe.”

NASA is planning to send a space probe to take samples from the surface of Bennu as it scans the ground and causes death, much destruction and “suffering” to our grandchildren.