A UFO threatens the security of the International Space Station


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It has transcended the information that a few months ago the security of the International Space Station was threatened by a strange unidentified flying object, because as can be seen in the multimedia material that we present below, the mysterious ship approached dangerously to the shuttle SpaceX Dragon when it was flying near the structure of the station, which could have caused a collision of colossal magnitudes. It’s noteworthy that the identity of the operators of this intrusive UFO is still unknown, as well as the intentions of its crew to have performed such a dangerous maneuver.


Aliens to the attack?

Ovni en Estación espacial internacional 2

It is well known by all that the International Space Station is a human research center in charge of the world’s major powers, which was the product of a concession made to humanity by the old alien leadership, as a sign of goodwill and interplanetary cooperation as long as the earthlings fulfilled certain conditions.

It should be noted that the historical, vital, and administrative periods of many extraterrestrial species change with the passing of each millennium, so the relationship of Earth leaders with the extraterrestrial world has been less since 2000, since those who now command and make decisions among aliens don’t look at humans with good eyes, because of our destructive instinct and disrespectful of universal codes.


For these reasons, the International Space Station looks like a strategic target for many alien squadrons that yearn to invade Earth. Since it would be the ideal way to show its strengths and intentions, by means of a preventive attack in order to measure the resistance and capacity of reaction of the humanity.

As a result of this it’s foreseeable to continue to see UFOs as seen in the video, prowling the International Space Station and very possibly begin their military escalation attacking the SpaceX Dragon shuttle, to cut the supply of energy and supplies to the agents that do life in this scientific base located in space.


At any moment you can unleash a war of magnitude apotheosis and we must be prepared, for that reason you have the duty to spread this information in all your social networks for the benefit of your friends and contacts.