Michel Notre Dame, better known under the name of Nostradamus, is one of the greatest astrologers in the history of mankind. During its existence, it was announced World War II and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Many apothecary and doctor of French prophecies haven’t yet produced. And some believe today that it could happen very soon, perhaps in 2016.

They’re the following:

Paternity authorization

One of Nostradamus' prophecies suggests that those who want to be fathers or mothers need an authorization or license.

World War

A war that’ll last 27 years is also one of the French predictions. This event occurs when a comet will be visible in the sky. It will be a nuclear battle and will be accompanied by natural disasters.

Earthquake in the USA

In the western part of the country a massive earthquake ravages North America. This will be the biggest in its history. How does it relate to the San Andreas Fault?

Life expectancy extended

According to Nostradamus, there will be a time when humans can live up to 200 years. Thus, an 80 year old might look like 30 less.

The economy breakdown

"The rich shall die many times over", said Nostradamus, obviously referring to the unimaginable proportions of an economic disaster.

Vesuvius eruption

Another prophecy refers to an eruption of Vesuvius that could destroy part of Italy and reach millions of people.


He also predicted that the heavens would open and that the heat would burn the fields. Many people think this phrase refers to global warming.

Animal communication

Nostradamus says that humans will learn one day to talk to animals and that pigs will become like brothers to man.

End of taxes 

Another prophecy says that people will refuse to pay "taxes to the king" Some believe it’ll be the day on which taxes disappear, while others believe that this could mean the end of the monarchy in some European countries where the monarchy persists.

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