How to receive and listen to psychophonies?


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All living beings are immersed in a constant exchange of energy with the universe, which becomes the vital force that nourishes the soul and fills the mind of wisdom, only if it knows how to grasp and take advantage in a conscious way.


The messages of the cosmos can’t be perceived with the physical ear, since they are expressed through low frequency psychophonies, which can only be discerned by a stable spiritual connection with the primary alchemical source, however, parapsychology has successfully developed a pattern to follow to record and listen to psychophonies in 7 simple steps, which you’ll know below.

Keys to record and listen to cosmic psychophonies

  1. To record the psychophonies, it’s ideal to use analog tape devices, however, it must be taken into account that it’s ideal to use virgin videocassettes, so as not to risk the contamination of the revelation.
  2. You must have a familiar place in which you feel at peace and also know the sounds of the environment, so as not to confuse any noise with the voice of the universe.
  3. You must fill your being with patience, since as you manifest greater despair you’ll have a disturbed soul, unable to grasp the omniscient inspiration.
  4. Concentration is essential to correctly interpret deep messages as prophecies, epiphanies and parables that are only given to the elect.
  5. It is necessary to use large headphones that cover the entire ear to isolate you from the noise of the environment that could hinder the flow of communication with the universe.
  6. You can conjure yourself with a group of people willing to discern the voice of eternal wisdom. The greater the number of people agrees to have heard the same message, the more reliable it is.
  7. Install a suitable program on your recording device to equalize psychophonic voices in an optimum tone and keep them for the rest of your life.


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