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Sightings of UFOs during commercial flights are really frequent, but not as much as the physical damage caused by a UFO in an airplane. Last Saturday, August 27, 2016, Southwest Airlines flight number 3472, was traveling from New Orleans to Orlando when it reported a very serious problem.

One of the Boeing 737‘s two engines exploded in the air, causing the plane to tremble almost uncontrollably. Meanwhile the passengers already in a state of panic were alerted and had to put on the breathing masks, one of the passengers made the decision to look out the window and saw the compromising panorama.

The course of the flight was diverted to Pensacola, Florida, where it had to make an emergency landing, fortunately, no injuries were recorded.

The strange thing is that some passengers saw strange lights flying near the plane, minutes before the incident, on the other hand another passenger published a tweet in which it said that the clock of several passengers was inexplicably out of time by a difference of four minutes.

This is a very frequent element in cases of alien abductions, usually memories are erased or even there are strange periods of “lost time” when watching the clock. Could it be an abduction attempt?


Images of the possible UFO attack on the plane:

As is normal when there are events related to UFOs and an airline is very difficult to admit the link between a UFO and the aerospace incident, as expected the official report simply described the incident as a mechanical problem, while the chains simply reported on an engine failure.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines Chris Mainz said that there were no explosions or strange lights near the plane, nor was there any alteration of time in the passengers’ watches. These utterly contradictory statements make us speculate about a new and classic UFO cover-up.

Another comment from the airline’s representative was “It’s really an isolated, almost unprecedented fact”, “Southwest has a remarkable safety control, and invests a lot of money in maintenance. It’s a mystery, why would the engine be in such a condition?”


Another case involving an extraterrestrial abduction is the flight of Malaysia Airlines MH-370 that disappeared on March 8, 2014.

Do you think it was a UFO attack? What do you think the passengers saw? Was this damage caused by an encounter with a UFO?