The incredible predictions of a time traveler

Las increíbles predicciones de un viajero del tiempo

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Predictions of the time traveler
As in the Terminator film, a man who claims to come from the future has passed the polygraph, and assures us that he comes to warn us of what awaits us.


According to this 28-year-old boy named Noah, humanity itself is in grave danger despite all the advances we are going to make, both technological and scientific.

The American boy claims that he comes from 2030 and has travelled 12 years from the future to warn us of the catastrophe that we could unleash if we continue as we are right now.

For many this case is just another Internet hoax, but what if what Noah says is true and we do nothing to stop it?


There are many predictions and prophecies that have materialized in the last decade, some good and some not so good, and so we must ask ourselves, What if what he says is true and not another joke?

What does this time traveler tell us?
This intrepid young man warns us of a catastrophe like the fact that Donald Trump will again be elected and will cause great wars and famine for the people of the United States.


He also warns us of achievements such as the fact that in 2028 man will be able to reach Mars, and that it will then be when we will achieve the great scientific advance that is to build a machine to travel in time.

Another breakthrough he predicted is one that is almost current but also to be seen and is the issue of electric cars, which he said will be flying and have a range of 600 mph, and that the mobiles will be holograms and larger.

All this seems crazy as many people thought and think today, but if some of these things are so close it would not be so strange if the others were already happening.