Man DIES and sees the devil FACE TO FACE


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“Satan is real” Those were the first words of the man who died and saw the devil face to face, but you must be asking if he is dead, how did he tell us such information? It turns out that the man came back to life thanks to the advanced methods of medicine that we have nowadays.

It’s a shocking near experience with death, the man’s name is Mesiah and tells us how he traveled to the afterlife after dying and was in front of the throne of Lucifer.


The story happened when Mesiah went to visit his fiancée, and it made him want to go swimming to her pool, although he didn’t know how, he was more than aware but he wanted to, so he decided to try and he cheered, but when he tried he slipped and hit his head and fell unconscious into the water without being able to remember anything else.

He told us that while he was dying his lungs filled with water and he watched as the water bubbles grew as he sank, until at last he was unconscious.


Everyone present considered him dead, even in the ambulance he did not have a pulse, but when he arrived at the hospital, and here’s the news, he narrated as he said this: “Watch me in new clothes, completely white, my body without wounds, everything was perfect,” says Mesiah, however, suddenly the lights went out and fell into the darkness where he met relatives already dead in the past.

He remembers exactly that he was heading for two flames of fire that appeared on the dark road.

According to his tale, Satan was sitting on a mountain of gold, half a foot tall, had a bull’s head but a man’s face, the devil began to approach Mesiah, while his dead grandmother invited him to go to hell.


Here we can watch a video with his complete story.


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