Is there really evidence of giants called Nephilim?


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In the Nordic and Teutonic cultures, they mention in their texts a site that’s located towards the north of the planet, they mention that this place is very natural, full of forests and very green, that in addition, would have at its disposal a “sun” that’s never hidden, which they call ‘hyperboreal’. But … Is it just an ancestral myth? Or could there really be a civilization of giants inside the earth?


The undeniable fact is that these civilizations are not the only ones that have made reference to the existence of these giant beings; for example, the Eskimos are another culture that has made much emphasis on the giants, repeating the same legend. At the time that the anthropologists consulted the Eskimos about their culture and their beginning, they said that they came from a place that was always very green in color, from a place where the sun never hides, but the most shocking story is when they said to have been banished in huge ships, from a very warm land where they lived.

There are many claims by polar researchers, which have revealed the mysterious fact that the temperature increases as they approach the pole, which seems to defy rational reasoning. This fact opened the doors to the possible speculation that there are in the interior of the poles, enormous tropical and green areas. A researcher named Wilkins confirmed that he found a very tropical and green site with a river in an Antarctic site.

We must accept the fact that the giants have always been present in the mythology of many civilizations, which has caused this much astonishment to researchers and scientists. These speculations seem to have a rational foundation, so they’re really important to highlight.


Writer Willis George Emerson made a book called “The Smoking God”, where in his book he said he was suspicious of theory and speculation about the hollow earth, but when a ninety-year-old-man told him a legend before his death, it completely change his point of view. This old man was called Olaf Jansen, who had spent his last 7 years living in a very precarious way in California. Olaf in his youth, used to be a sailor, so he had managed to travel all over the planet, after having been locked in a mental rehabilitation center, for having expressed reality.



Olaf, a few days before his death, personally gave Willis texts that had maps and asked him to spread the story, since he could do it without fear of being locked up, because he would simply be telling a story about another person.

Olaf Jansen’s father was Norwegian and fisherman, and after his marriage he moved to Stockholm, but when Olaf turned 19 in 1830, his father offered him an adventure around the world, and Olaf accepted this trip between father and son. Within a week, they were already sailing on the high seas, with a lot of wind in their favor. As the days went by, they encountered a large amount of ice, with huge icebergs; days later, they were surrounded by a huge snowstorm, which almost destroyed their boat.

Father and son, they could see a very dark fog, but it became clearer each time they looked down. After a dangerous storm, they came to a very quiet place where there was no fog. Suddenly, they encountered a huge red sun, but his father mentioned that it was a “false” sun, a kind of illusion that was soon to vanish.

But this didn’t happen, after five months of their departure in Stockholm, they managed to see the mainland, where they could hear that from afar came songs with music and musical string instruments. They had met a very large ship diff that was different from the type of boat they used to see. In this experience, they claim that 6 giant people came to where they were; all of them were taller than 3 meters, and communicated in a very strange language. Most of them used a not very long beard, had good physiognomy, and among them were blond giants, with red and black hair. They were all very cordial and friendly, dressed in long tunics, in shorts and big socks.


The giants used a lot of gold to adorn their clothes, these beings were passionate about music and great wisdom in almost all branches of science; they say that these beings could live more than eight hundred years, built huge houses and gold prevailed everywhere.

On the site, there were a lot of fruit, huge grapes the size of an apple, and apples the size of a watermelon. Everything on this earth seemed to be made for these giant beings, there was a lot of fresh water and very pure rivers. In the middle of this place, there seemed to be a huge red fireball that seemed to give light and heat all the time. According to what they tell, this would be ‘sun’ of the interior of the earth.

Olaf and his father, made the decision to return despite having been warned of the risks of doing so, these beings provided maps of their villages, articles of gold, and gave instructions on how to return. Olaf and his father spent more than 45 days avoiding icebergs, but sadly they had an accident and their boat was destroyed against a block of ice. Sadly his father died in the accident, but Olaf was saved by a fishing boat, where Olaf explained everything that had happened to them, causing him to be handcuffed and taken as demented. When he arrived in Stockholm, he realized that his mother had died; he met his uncle who took him to a mental rehabilitation center after telling him about the adventure with his father.


Olaf, was released only in 1862, after having spent 28 years of hardship and sadness, Olaf continued his life as a sailor and fisherman for 27 years, avoiding ever again to tell anyone about the adventure with his father, for fear of being held again.

There is another book, which tells a very similar legend in relation to these giant beings, the book was made by Dr. Raymond Bernard and was entitled “The Hollow Earth”. Here is a summary of what a doctor named Nef Cotton from Los Angeles told him about an amazing story told by one of his patients.


A subject of Scandinavian origin mentioned that when he lived near the Antarctic circle, in Norway, he and a friend made the decision to make a trip in ship, in order to arrive as far as possible heading north. After sailing more than 1 month, they had reached a new and unexplored country. They couldn’t explain the climate in that place, since there was too much temperature, to the point that it didn’t allow them to sleep at night. They say they navigated a canyon that transported them to the interior of the planet, and there was a huge sun that illuminated everything, as Olaf explained in the adventure with his father.