Are there any pathways on Mars? Was there an ancient Extraterrestrial Civilization?


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There are people who take their professions further (literally), the next discovery was made by Joseph Skipper, he’s a cybernetic archaeologist who performs his “excavations” on other planets, looking for all kinds of anomalies or strange things in the images taken by The satellites of NASA.

To be more precise, Joseph uses the images provided by Google Maps. This researcher confirmed that he found a transport system very similar to the one known on the ground by train or railroad.

The strangest thing of all is that the mysterious “path” crosses the road until arriving to the crater Hale, very close to where NASA sent the robot Curiosity to land.


In the following images, you can see an object being transported in one of these ways; we cannot appreciate the movement of the same since there are no more images of the same place.

With this mystery in the door, we can speculate many things, some even think that humans have been working on Mars for years under total secrecy, others claim that these structures and transport systems are ancestral and come from ancient alien civilizations of the red planet.


Do you think they’re hiding something from us? Is there any intelligent life on Mars?