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Some people claim that time travel backwards are impossible, but there’s strong evidence that it’s very likely that humans are already traveling in time and influencing different times and realities.


A totally out of season character who apparently would be a hipster in the year 1941.

The first and most solid evidence is the well-known photograph of a “time traveler,” dressed in the style of a young man of the 21st century, with very modern sunglasses and even a camera similar to a polaroid, the problem is that this photo was taken in 1941 in Canada and has been viral time on the Internet.

Were there mobile devices in the year 1938?


In the next photo taken in 1938, there seems to be a woman talking on a cell phone, when in that year logically there was nothing like it. Interesting, right?

The mysterious case of Andrew Carlssin:


It was in early 2003 that a subject named Andrew Carlssin had to be investigated by the FBI, at the request of a US security agency, for having high levels of suspicion due to the use of very privileged information and difficult access.

This investigation was born because the security agency discovered that Mr. Andrew managed to increase in a very strange way his portfolio of investments of 800 to 350 million dollars in a few weeks.


During the interrogation session Andrew, 44, indicated that he traveled in time from about 200 years in the future and that the knowledge he handled was the result of his fortune.

He claimed that it was very tempting to resist, he said that in 2256 financial knowledge about market instability allowed him to take great advantage in making decisions.


This man kept his word and even managed to accurately predict the invasion of Iraq or give a cure for AIDS, all in exchange for allowing him to return to his “ship” of time.

Currently the FBI denies having contacted Andrew; in fact he disappeared without attending a scheduled hearing according to his lawyer.



Nostradamus was possibly the most accurate prophet in history and we can say that most of his predictions were fulfilled; did a time traveler visit Nostradamus? Some even say that the visitor came from the year 2500 and his real Latin name was “Dominic Lithium”, this character would have come from the future to escape from a non-happy reality and find some comfort in telling everything to Nostradamus.


A Swiss watch discovered in a tomb of China

reloj suizo descubierto en una tumba de china

A group of Chinese archeologists confirmed that they found a small metal watch and the strange thing was that it was incredibly well preserved; this watch appeared when the Si Qing tomb in Shanghai County opened. This coffin was fully sealed and was 400 years old; archaeologists were totally surprised with the out-of-season find and its “frozen” time at 10:06 with the word “swiss” (engraving) on its back.

Do you now think possible the idea that mankind can master travel in time someday?