WIKILEAKS: Documented proof that the Aliens exist


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The secret documents leaked by the Wikileaks organization, commanded by Julian Assange, say: “There is life outside this planet, the aliens are real.”

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization and all content it shares or declassifies is 100 percent reliable and credible.

This organization was born in the year 2006 and its leaks caused many problems to the North American government, where they denounced crimes approved by the Pentagon and hundreds of classified documents where they refer to the UFOs and the extraterrestrial reality in our planet and the universe.

There is an extremely important document under the title “MAJOR MEETS AMBASSADOR, CONFIRMS EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE” or (“EMBAJADOR CONFIRMA la vida extraterrestre”).
This is directly related to a meeting between Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev, a mayor of the Tajik city of Dushanbe and Ken Gross and the US ambassador to Tajikistan.


This country is located in Central Asia and the meeting was held in 2010 where its content was classified in a document, which was later leaked by WikiLeaks.


These were the words of the American ambassador: “affirmed the existence of life on other planets, noting the above by pointing out that we must focus on solving our problems on Earth.”

Gross quoted Ubaidulloev: “We know there is life on other planets, but first we have to make peace here.”

The current information is already enough to accept the existence of alien life and extraterrestrials visiting planet earth. The question is… what do they want? Where do they come from?


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