Filtered video of the KGB opening an alien mummy


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On several occasions we’ve published evidence on the extraterrestrial origin of humanity, such as the incredible statue that was found on Mars with characteristics very similar to the imposing sphinxes typical of ancient Egypt. In this vein, independent researchers have been able to verify that the red planet was inhabited hundreds of thousands of years ago by an advanced population until a cataclysm forced them to emigrate, a reality that leads us to ask ourselves… Where would an alien race that lived on Mars have gone to survive? Isn’t Egypt apparently the most Earth-like territory to Mars?


Tumba extraterrestre destapada por la KGB


To further support this theory, an interesting black and white video has just been filtered, which consists of a very strange material that is part of the file related to the secret mission called ISIS project. In said video you can observe KGB troops opening an extraterrestrial mummy.

The present multimedia material definitely reinforces current theories that the most sophisticated ancient civilizations were visited and in some cases formed by aliens, such as ancient Egyptian, Inca and even Mayan cultures. It’s therefore presumed that these advanced beings from other planets helped to build the pyramids and other impressive monuments that remain today.


These aliens are identified in the ISIS project as ancient astronauts. It should be noted that this project involves several Egyptologists of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, scientists and military experts. Shaping a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the field led by Sami Sharaf.

Origin of the video
Momia Extraterrestre

It’s alleged that the video was stolen by an unidentified Russian source that claimed to have obtained it through the Mafia of that country and the KGB’s secret archives. In the multimedia material you can see officers of the Soviet military intelligence agency opening a sarcophagus in a tomb on the Giza plateau to recover the remains of a mummy, which is obviously of extraterrestrial origin.


This mummy was two meters high, and carbon tests revealed that it was about 13,000 years old. In the audio-visual evidence it’s seen that Russian soldiers appear to enter the grave without protective clothing, but are withdrawn when a cloud of dust bursts open the sarcophagus. Then they return with protective clothing and gas masks.


¡URGENTE! SE FILTRA VÍDEO DE LA KGB ABRIENDO UNA MOMIA EXTRATERRESTRE! – www.misterio.tvHace unos días especulamos sobre la posibilidad de que la raza humana tenga orígenes extraterrestres, por las abundantes evidencias ancestrales en Egipto y las extrañas figuras captadas en el planeta Rojo con rostros y estatuas muy similares a las que existen hoy en Egipto, entonces nos preguntamos ¿a donde hubiera ido una raza extraterrestre que que habitaba en Marte para sobrevivir? ¿Egipto no es eventualmente lo mas similar a marte que tiene la tierra?


Posted by Misterio.Tv on Saturday, July 30, 2016

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