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Edward Snowden is again the center of attention in social networks, last week we had already announced a strange message sent in his Twitter account, “It’s time” was the mysterious message published days ago in his profile, with a clear connotation of alert or anticipate something.

The problem didn’t end here, since Snowden the most popular Hacker in the world returned to Twitter with another confusing and undecipherable message that was then deleted within minutes, but the million-dollar question is what is that message? If you like puzzles or problems thinking, maybe you can decipher Snowden’s message.

The rumor that Edward Snowden would be dead or had been caught arose after tweeting and erased the following 64-character hexadecimal password or key:

Hexadecimal code of 64 characters.

This is a hexadecimal code of 64 characters, it is presumed to be an encrypted key, but what worries many on the Internet is that it is a kind of “switch”, an ingenious method created by Snowden that would consist of automatically sending a password that would enable different media to access previously coded material sent by Snowden in case he’d be killed or caught by the authorities.


Did Snowden use his last card? We think that Snowden uses the information as a bulletproof vest, that is, if you catch me, I release the secret password and with it hundreds or maybe thousands of documents would be accessible by the press, to whom Snowden might have already sent the information as a form of a “life insurance”, these files would be secret documents of the US government. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?


Especially if we consider the strange warning and the call he made to his former colleagues of the CIA and the NSA last week in his Twitter account. “Did you work with me? Have we talked since 2013? Please recontact me securely, or talk to @bartongellman. It’s time”
SnowdenThe computer expert and former CIA employee had relieved the biggest spy plan ever made by the US government. Since then he has been in exile in Russia.

Are we facing an eminent mass dissemination of information?

At the moment it only remains to wait for the next few hours or days and eventually the independent media will be able to access new information, it would take some time to process it.