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It is scientifically proven that the human cannot see the whole spectrum of light, but some cameras capture even more spectrum than the human being captures. A California woman shared a photograph where she asserts that there are two “beings” or “entities” she calls them strange beings in the house, this woman for security did not give her full name.

The woman claims that she was taking pictures to a television program, when she began to feel very watched, “I felt there were eyes on me.”

The photos were taken with a Canon SD750 camera using the flash.

What surprised the lady were two humanoid figures in the reflection of the staircase in front of the mirror. “I noticed the reflection one week after taking the photo and then notice something that was not of this world.” She releases it on her computer and then zooms in to identify what appears to be an alien in her room.


The lady said she was frightened by the strange visitors in her home and made the decision to rent her house. She also said that her family is currently staying in the house and continue to see inexplicable things, especially her daughter who frequently sees these strange beings.