Tom DeLonge, founder of Blink 182, tells us what happened in the Roswell alien ship incident in 1947.

Tom DeLonge, founder of Blink 182, tells us his theory of the Roswell alien spacecraft incident in 1947

Apparently, the United States government has actually tried to bury evidence of Roswell’s alien ship.
On October 26, Blink 182 founder Tom DeLonge revealed that he broke away from the band to focus his efforts on UFO research. Since then, he has been awarded UFO Researcher of the Year, so there is no doubt about his dedication to the cause. As such, it is worth listening to the interviews in which DeLonge delves into his theories just for the sake of entertainment. Recently, the UFO expert made an appearance in The Joe Rogan Experience where he made statements that would give anyone a headache. In this I tell an incomprehensible story where I report on a “way of life” discovered during the Cold War. I also comment on the truth behind the Roswell alien ship incident in 1947.

According to DeLonge, he met a shadowy figure who revealed the first information. These characters he met were government officials with whom he discussed his UFO investigation.

“I fly to this airport and sit at a table in a restaurant at the airport,” DeLonge said. “No one is there, and this gentleman sits down.” A moment goes by, he looks me in the eye and says, “It was the Cold War and we found a way of life.

Then DeLonge turned to the Nazi issue and how they had an advantage over U.S. technology, explaining, “They were 100 years ahead of us on what their men did at the end of the war in South America. Apparently, this led Exnazis to join NASA because

“They knew some shit that was really important,” says Tom.

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Tom DeLonge, founder of Blink 182, tells us his theory about the Roswell alien spacecraft incident in 1947.

DeLonge shared his theory about the incident of the Roswell alien spacecraft incident in 1947 with a very different approach than he had been given up to now.
“What I think crashed in Roswell…. I think it was German…. of Argentina. But it had features based on extraterrestrial technology. Then we published a story that says,’It’s an alien,’ and then we got a story that says,’It’s a weather balloon,’ but the truth is, we didn’t want anyone to guess.

At this point the real question is how did DeLonge get U.S. government officials to reveal such sensitive information to him?

Whether you think DeLonge is crazy or not, it seems that won’t stop the search for the truth in the short term. This is evident in his three-volume research series Sekret Machines: Gods or the newly announced To The Stars Academy.

We can quote a popular saying that even a broken watch is right twice a day’. All that remains for us to do is to follow closely the research carried out by DeLonge, as it promises a lot.

For now, we leave you with the full video interview in its original version, in which DeLonge also explains why government officials are willing to reveal secret information to him.

The latter is very striking because very few or none of them have ever done it before. What do you think? Tell us and help us decipher the truth.