The Illuminati connections that ended Michael Jackson’s life


We all know that Michael Jackson was a true artistic phenomenon, however, in his life there were not only lights, music and applause, we’re aware of certain confidential reports, which offer a glimpse of what was the intimacy of the king of pop, through which we’ve realized that in the last days of his life Michael felt stalked and tormented, for when he was at the pinnacle of his glory, drunk with fame and power, he surrendered his soul to dark forces through his Illuminati connections, which later didn’t know how to undo.

Threatened to death

After his physical disappearance, several letters appeared, in which Michael communicated to his trusted people that his life was in danger, because he was being stalked by members of certain satanic sects who claimed the secret of his success, and therefore sought to charge him those “favors” in ways Jackson was unwilling to pay.

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Among the friends to whom the author of Thriller asked for help is Michael Jacobshagen, who later in an interview stated that Jackson shared with him his enthusiasm for the tour that was about to start in London, which would mean his reappearance, but that at the same time he was very worried and exhausted of fighting with the evil forces, human and spiritual, that pressed him to accede to his perverse demands.

It should be noted that the Illuminati least care about money, because they already have too much, they’re actually more interested in accumulating power and satisfy their low passions and morbid instincts. Therefore, their rites and sacramental demands towards new converts are always related to sacrilegious, immoral and criminal actions, such as human sacrifices, infanticide, incest, and pederasty, among other atrocities.

If only money had been demanded of him, it was very likely that Michael had agreed to pay what was necessary to recover the tranquility of his soul, but knowing the behavior of these perverted minds, it is presumed that they demanded of him such barbarities of such magnitude and characteristics that caused an internal conflict that ended up killing his life prematurely.

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