The hacker who saw all the NASA UFO secrets


He got to hack into the computers and see NASA’s UFO secrets.
Here’s the story of Gary McKinnon, a British hacker known for revealing NASA’s UFO secrets. This character has a number of extraordinary abilities. His talent led him to take the plunge to infiltrate the computer systems of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Pentagon and NASA. Their aim was to look for evidence of the occultism these organizations had about free energies. But what he found was more than he imagined.

The information McKinnon discovered was so important that he became obsessed with knowing the whole truth about hitherto unknown subjects. For about a year he stormed the nets of NASA and the world’s elite. However, his eagerness to bring the truth to light made him a careless being in all aspects of his life.

Finally, he was found out and faced a trial where he was charged with 70 years in prison and paid $2 million in damages. The US requested his extradition for trial but the UK refused, arguing that there was not enough evidence to prosecute him.

This is how the author of the largest cyber attack in history on the United States was released after a decade of fighting.

What are the NASA UFO secrets Gary revealed to the world?
Once free, McKinnon did not let himself be intimidated and decided to publish everything about the secret archives. The first thing I said was that NASA receives a lot of images of aliens and UFOs every day. These images are classified and arranged as if the type of alien species to which they belong were known. They take into account characteristics such as the size, color and appearance of the alien ship.

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I also assure you that NASA, the Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force already have anti-gravity devices in place. The above-mentioned devices have been created from extraterrestrial spacecraft that have crashed to earth. They also hold the keys to the use of free energies. It should be noted that they keep this information secret as it would be a deadly blow to the oil industry’s monopoly.

We have reason to be suspicious
To top it off, Gary revealed something even more alarming. This is the content of a file called “The Access Book”. The document contains the code names of 20 non-human officers. They would be serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister, has denounced this in the past.

The hacker who saw all the NASA UFO secrets

The most regrettable part of this case is that the evidence proving the veracity of these facts has been confiscated and destroyed mostly by the police. But despite this, the data provided by Gary McKinnon is consistent with others who have presented evidence regarding NASA’s UFO secrets and extraterrestrial life.

There is no doubt that McKinnon is no ordinary hacker.

His contribution continues to open a door that will have no choice but to let the truth out. Watch the following video for more details on the subject and comment on what you think about it.