The Economist’s predictions project a troubling future


What are The Economist’s predictions?
As in previous years, The Economist’s Predictions of the Coming Events have been published. On the cover of the magazine there is a picture of the incursion of artificial intelligence (AI).

The fact is that the Elite has already launched its plan for a new world order with negative consequences for the future. One of the most disturbing issues is the use of the IA as a weapon for mass control.

In this sense, the objective of La Elite is to control the population by using the IA to entertain us. This is already happening, many people get lost in the depths of social networks. An analysis shows the control that the governments have over the citizens.

There are currently mechanisms in place to record all of our personal data and information. This is of great importance because it talks about people’s behavior. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google have our personal and professional data, which is why they are constantly linked to the CIA. The idea is not unreasonable, as these companies have global reach, access to our personal data and enjoy the confidence of users. What is really striking is that no one knows for sure how our personal information is used.

What we need to know about The Economist’s predictions to compare it to our present
A fact of great importance mentioned in The Economist’s predictions is the loss of freedom of individuals.

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This will be done by having individuals who are prisoners of their labor and slaves to their pleasures.

It should be noted that the education provided to the majority of individuals avoids the formation of free thought and independent beings. Humanity is anesthetized and will soon go into a coma.

The Economist’s predictions project a troubling future

Taking this into consideration, The Economist’s predictions add that major events will occur in the future. However, the consequences will be negative for society and the majority will not be able to respond to them.

Transhumanism, the elimination of moral values, psychological warfare and population control through pleasures and warlike conflicts are all facts that can be seen in the present showing where we are headed.

Another alarming fact is the use of the IA in the labor field. It is used as a tool for supervision and even harassment to force people to be more productive for this possible Matrix we inhabit.

No doubt The Economist’s predictions show situations that scare anyone.

The solution lies in the development of the individual being. Forming independent individuals capable of defending their ideals is key to guaranteeing the freedom of future societies. What do you think? Do you think this new world order is already in place? Comment and let us know your opinion.