Secret filtered video of an Illuminati show


The Illuminati constitute a Masonic sect that since its founding have managed to control much of the global power, in order to carry out its perverse project of the New World Order, which is nothing more than exterminate the current society to make way for a New civilization, in which they’ll have absolute power.

It should be noted that the members of this lodge are very hermetic, so we’ve only been able to know about their plans and the type of rites they practice through revelations, such as the secret video filtered from an Illuminati show that we show you below.

A valuable material

All sorts of information related to this mysterious brotherhood have been obtained through confidential sources, because if something characterizes its members is that they’re extremely mysterious and distrustful, in addition to that they’re excessively elitist and exclusive, therefore they are not interested to add followers but servants to their cause, since their purpose is not to preach a message like other religions, but to carry out a universal conspiracy to exercise absolute power over humanity.

In this sense, every evidence we can obtain about the inner workings of this sinister confraternity constitutes a valuable material, for it is the result of a brave work of intelligence, carried out in order to show the world the perversities to which we would be exposed if these evil minds end up doing their job, reaching absolute global power.

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We invite you to watch the following video in enough detail, as you can appreciate a Masonic Illuminati celebration apparently recorded by an infiltrator, who captured all the diabolical ritual performed by the members of this sect. As you can realize their cults are full of vices and acts of depravation, in which they have servants in charge of satisfying their fetishes and lustful desires. Watch closely as women dance with an Egyptian dance-style style related to the current Illuminati symbols.

The fate that awaits humanity if we allow the members of this masonic sect to raise their empire looks very dark, basically we could only choose between being exterminated or living an existence of absolute submission to the perverse designs of this perverted dome.

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Vídeo secreto filtrado de un show – Illuminati!

En el siguiente vídeo se logra apreciar una celebración de la logias masonicas-Illuminati, al parecer un infiltrado grabo todo este ritual que realizan los miembros de esta minoría. Observen con mucha atención como las mujeres bailan con un estilo del tipo danza egipcia relacionado con os símbolos illuminatis actuales.

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Today you’ve received valuable information that you can’t ignore or keep just for yourself, it’s time to inform the world of this imminent situation and you can start by sharing this article in all your social networks, which have already demonstrated their effectiveness in this type of contingencies.