Scientist reveals that time travel is mathematically possible

Time travel really does exist, although you may not believe it, there is some revealing evidence that will confirm it.

Time travel has always been an interesting subject for scientists and science fiction lovers alike, while time is linear for one. Some theories suggest that this is not really the case. According to Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, space and time coexist at the same time and according to the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking it is possible to travel to the future but not to the past, however, time travel is not just simple theories, there is evidence that it has been going on for years.

There is countless evidence of time travelers, one of the most popular was the metal clock at the tomb of seach in Sangai in China, archaeologists found a Swiss brand clock with the time frozen at 16:00, there is also graphic evidence such as the old black and white photograph published on the website of the Virtual Museum of Canada, the image corresponded to the reopening of the sound forge bridge in Woodbridge Canada.

An image that reveals an individual in his or her journey through time
In the 1940s one could see a strange individual in the crowd who was out of place and out of time in modern urban clothing, wearing dark sunglasses. This is just evidence that there are time travelers.

A machine is being created for time travel.
Just in case there’s any doubt, a physicist reveals that time travel is possible. He has created a model where time travel is mathematically possible, but the right materials must be found to make a time machine.

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People think that time travel is something of fiction,” said petet, a professor of physics and mathematics at the University of Ukrainian Columbia campus, “and we tend to think that it’s not possible because we don’t actually do it, but mathematically it’s possible.

In a recently published study, Pipita argues that space should not be divided into three separate dimensions of time, but instead the four dimensions should be imagined at the same time as a continuous spacetime continuum in which different directions are connected.

Based on Einstein’s theory, the researcher says that the curvature of space-time explains the curved orbits of planets and stars would move in a straight line, so near a star the geometry of spacetime curves causing the straight paths of nearby planets to bend to follow the curvature around the star.

The temporal direction of the space-time surface also shows curvature; there is evidence that the closer we are to a black hole, the slower time moves, arguing pi pete that the model of the machine uses curved space time to bend time in a circle for passengers and not in a straight line.

That circle takes us back in time tipi I create for your research a mathematical model of a tardis, this would be a bubble of space-time geometry that transports its contents back and forth through space and time as it travels a large circular path because the bubble moves through space time at speeds greater than the speeds of light would allow.

Demonstrating the existence of time travel is only one possibility.