Revealed extraterrestrial video captured with life, area 51, secret recording!


The government of the United States has lied to us for generations. Before, the information lights were very difficult to spot because the power elites could censor any attempt at truth on television, radio and print media. However, with the advent of the Internet, the filtering of videos and reports of sightings in the world of extraterrestrial beings has become impossible to stop.

On this occasion we present the revealing video of a specimen that according to leaked information corresponds to the crew member of the ship that crashed in Roswell more than half a century ago. According to a research source from the Tor network that sifted through a large number of documents, filtered tapes, possibly by Wikileaks, provided us with this multimedia content, it is a biographical material recorded inside the facilities of Area 51, where the remains of the ship that fell to the ground in this American town and that caused one of the biggest uproars in the world because of the obvious and poorly disguised by the CIA and the Department of defense of the United States. The filtering of this video over 50 years is possibly the first and most important that has happened in the government of Donald Trump and represents and faithful testimony of what has been able his government for decades, not only to avoid global panic, but also to take advantage of the technology and weapons that can be developed with these evidences. In the following video, you can see the alien crew member on an operating table, the wounds according to the filtration not only correspond to the impact on the ship’s ground, but also to a possible confrontation that could have arisen in the sky.

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The head and body of the alien are completely hairless. The external genitalia are not visible and the creature is assumed to be feminine or neutral. The chest is flat. The whiteness of the skin is the same tone as the Caucasian human skin filmed in black and white. A conclusive theory The belief that the ship was intercepted in the air takes more force with the publication of these videos, due to documentations similar to those that Edward Snowden published in 2012 to demonstrate the American lie.

Here he assures that the US military forces since the Second World War, not only developed airplanes to hunt enemies in the war against Hitler, but also to intercept spies and allies of other planets that the Nazis had in Europe and to whom they also We have made an important follow-up when discovering traces of data about a UFO. In the following images we will see something really revealing. The body of the creature shudders in pain, then the specialized doctors who are attending this aberrant case try to verify that the alien actually has a pulse. However, it is difficult to decipher the heart rate or movements of the organism of this creature.

Despite the fateful accident of which there is still no evidence to show what happened, this strange specimen has survived and according to the documentation that has reached us in the newsroom by means of an anonymous email, they were able to extract information vital that is also classified waiting for a team of hackers to decipher it. Very soon we will be able to develop more content about it.

Governments have lied to us, but history has not and is irreversible. In exchange for this revealing information, we ask you to share this material with your friends, before it is censored from the Internet.