Putin denounced that Lady Di was murdered by … the royal family


The president of the Russian Federation has opened the eyes of the world before an unsuspected reality, and is that the queen mother of Great Britain, Isabel II and all the royal family have their hands stained of blood by the murder of the beloved Princess Diana, who died in Paris in 1997 as a result of a “traffic accident”, along with her boyfriend Arab billionaire Dodi Al Fayed. The case was never submitted to a serious official investigation, until today that truth has been revealed by Putin, who reported that Lady Di was killed.

The political context in which the events occurred

The Princess of Wales or Lady Di, as she was affectionately called by the people, knew how to win the hearts of people especially the most humble since joining the British royal family for her marriage to Prince Charles, first in line succession of the monarchy.

Lady Di had always been a lover of just causes and since the beginning of her monarchical experience, she became unintentionally a nuisance for the queen and her entourage, since she stole the protagonism and the affection of the people, although simultaneously washed the face to the royal house and diverted the attention of the misdeeds of the rest of the royalty, reason why she was considered a necessary and tolerable evil.

In particular, the Illuminati were happy with the figure of Lady Di, although on a personal level they didn’t support her for being as she was, they considered that her way of attracting the attention of the media and the masses represented a great opportunity for her purposes of corruption, influence trafficking and social control, they thought that they no longer had to worry about controlling the world, they only had to incorporate Diana to their cause and she would give the world to them.

An unexpected event that changed everything

Entering the decade of 1990 when the union between Diana and Prince Charles was about to turn 10 years and had procreated two children, the marriage began to break up product of the estrangement of the couple and the adultery of both parties, situation that ended in the definitive one divorce in 1996.

If Diana had been a discomfort to Queen Elizabeth II from the beginning, it was now a real headache and a real shame by her continued media appearances revealing intimate situations of the royal family, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was her publicized relationship with Egyptian tycoon Dodi Al Fayed, whom Putin now reveals was expecting a son.

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Putin’s livelihood to make this complaint

At the time of the tragic death of the princess of the town, the Western powers dominated the world scene with pleasure, since the Wall of Berlin had fallen a few years before and the Soviet Union had disintegrated, reason why the intelligence agencies Russian troops were withdrawn and were only able to carry out minimal operations inherent in Russia’s internal affairs.

Vladimir Putin indicates that due to these reasons Queen Elizabeth II felt with the full confidence to carry out a radical maneuver, that liberated them once and for all of the derision that had come representing Diana for the royal family, especially taking into account her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed and the son they were expecting, as well as her possible conversion to Islam.

It’s possible to emphasize that although the marriage of Diana with the prince of Wales was legally dissolved, she still kept the noble title of princess, in addition that its children the princes William and Harry are in the direct line of succession to the throne, reason why her new son with Al Fayed would make the British royal family closely related to Arab blood, which was unacceptable to Queen Elizabeth II and members of her royal court.

On the other hand, who wears the English crown becomes at the same time in the supreme governor of the catholic church in England, reason why, as Putin explained, the possible conversion of Diana to the Islam, as well as the fact that could drag its children to do the same, and because of the enormous influence exerted on them, could have unleashed a crisis in the crown, which would’ve made the whole royal family abdicate, losing their position and privileges immediately.

The Russian president said that the mission to eradicate the enormous threat posed by Diana and her partner was entrusted to an elite squad of the British intelligence agency M16, who devised a plan to eliminate the two targets simultaneously and that everything seemed an accident, which had to occur outside British territory to dispel any possible suspicion.

For a long time it seemed the perfect plan with the perfect execution, however, in recent years have occurred several desertions and delays that have been taken advantage of by the already reorganized and very strong Russian intelligence agency to reopen this case and tell the whole truth to the world about this grotesque historical incident.


It’s necessary that the world know the truth, since at that moment the victim of the corrupt royal family was Lady Di and tomorrow may be any other innocent, remember to share this article in all your social networks, so that the world learns of what Queen Elizabeth II and his followers worldwide are capable of.