Parallel universes exist. NASA wants to hide it?

Parallel universes exist. NASA wants to hide it?


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In the field of astronomy, recent research carried out in Australia and the United States affirms the existence of parallel Universes and not only that, but they also act in a reciprocal way, i.e. they interact with each other with a slight repulsive action, instead of evolving by themselves, they create conditions to maintain themselves. If this is so, you know the basis of this scientific research to corroborate this fact.

Astronomy’s scientific research into parallel universes is based on the following principles
A specialist professor of particle physics and cosmology at the King’scollege in London stated that other universes can exist in the same physical space that we know and must collide, leaving possible signs in the cosmic sky that we could try to find, insisted on the idea of the multiverse product of the union of the the theories of quantum mechanics and gravity.

Many opinions relate this fact to the question that it occurred after the Big Bang according to some that this great explosion must have been followed by an expansive period of the universe which they call cosmic inflation and that this sufficiently accepted lineage needs to be accelerated in several parts of the universe.

Other unexplained evidence that suggests parallel universes exist
Again science is present in this theory this time archaeology has been present in some discoveries of objects and artifacts that nobody explains their origin, perhaps they could belong to ancient civilizations, but not even with the carbon tests have been able to locate the place or time where they come from.

Also testimonies of people who inexplicably woke up and nothing around him was familiar said that they came from another dimension, real cases such as a man who was recorded in history in 1945 who claimed and had documentation of a place in Europe called Taured that nobody knows, the man was arrested and he kept insisting that the place existed and that he had other documents to prove it, arrested him in a hotel and disappeared mysteriously, would he come from a parallel world?